Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Sun, gorgeous sun!

THANK YOU for coming all this way to visit.
I know you have so many other places you have to be, and it's hard for you to come here.
But the truth is, I miss your touch on my skin.
I OFTEN remember days gone by when we would spend the day frolicking together outdoors.
I hope that one day we'll be able to be together AGAIN.


  1. Lovely post ;-)

    Do I really owe you an email? Won't being your first follower do?

  2. its been a while since i frolicked.


  3. @Tamara - I guess I can't find it somewhere in my heart to forgive you ;)

    @SonnyVsDan - You'd better remedy that! Everyone needs a good frolicking once in a while - good for the constitution! ;)

  4. Regular blog posts are also good for the constitution.

    *hint, hint*