Thursday, 4 March 2010

Home alone

I wrote this about being in the house by myself. I actually had to work at it, unlike my usual poems, which just come out whole. Let me know what you think!

I sometimes see a little ghost
out the corner of my eye
When I try to take a peek at him
he does a duck and dive

My spooky-wooky blows on the curtains
as I try to fall asleep
I hear him fiddling with the window hinge
and stalking with stocking feet

He stole my baking paper
just after I got it from the store
To torment me, he hides the kitchen door keys
and moves them from the drawer

My uninvited houseguest
- a pain as he may be -
only shows when I'm home alone
to keep my company

I give him leave to stay in my house
until my spouse returns
then he leaves as quickly as he came
... until Grant has to go again ...

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